Jon Tavernier

Welcome to my website!

Thanks for visiting my little spot on the web. I use it to play with full stack web development as a hobby. I prefer simple, text-based websites so that's what I try to build here.

I live in Chicago, IL and work at, an ecommerce company that targets small businesses.

My website's main pages are:

  • Technology: My current tech interests.
  • Wiki: Tech and career tips and advice.
  • Resume: My professional experience.
  • Books: What I have recently read.
  • Travel: My past trips and destination wishlist.

So, the intended audience is other folks working in the tech industry including recruiters, but everyone is welcome to visit.

Random Fun Fact

Perkin's mauve: The purple Mauveine dye was one of the first synthetic dyes created. The inventor discovered it while searching for a malaria treatment. Source

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